Internal mobility

For an employee, internal mobility refers to a change of role that they may undergo within their company. This change could be horizontal (changing from one position to another equivalent position, but in a different area or department), or vertical (if promoted to a position with greater responsibilities).

Internal mobility is an important issue for companies. Firstly, it helps to retain talents (fostering loyalty) and reduces staff turnover. Indeed, an employee who aspires to change roles and who can benefit from internal mobility will not be one to leave the company. Their skills and talents will therefore be retained. What’s more, as they are already familiar with the company and its values, this saves the company time as it won’t need to go through a lengthy external recruitment process.

This also has repercussions for recruitment costs, as recruiting internally is less expensive than going external. Internal recruitment costs 18 to 20% less than external recruitment .

Lastly, a company that shows itself to be committed to internal mobility will also be seen as attractive to job candidates, as they will be able to start thinking about potential career development as early as the interview stage.

Unfortunately, it is clear that there is not enough transparency on open positions. Thus, it is estimated that one out of two managers is not aware of mobility opportunities within their company .

Mobilité interne

The Keycoopt System recruitment software enables you to easily and efficiently publicize your job offers to employees. By capitalizing on the transparency of current vacancies, our recruitment solution makes job offers visible to all employees. In addition to being able to refer someone for the role, employees can also apply themselves (if you choose to enable this)! This strategy can help gauge any hopes some employees might be harboring of leaving the company before this happens, and can boost internal mobility.

On the recruiting side, in the back office, the distinction between recommendation and application is very clear, which facilitates processing.

According to a study conducted by the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

According to a study about internal mobility of Managers conducted by Apec .

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