Keycoopt System, recruitment by referral and internal mobility solution

Engage your employees at the heart of your HR strategy : digitalize and professionalize your referral program with a digital and collaborative solution.

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Collaborateurs ambassadeurs
Trust your employees : they are your best ambassadors

37% of recruited candidates were already an acquaintance of at least one person in the company !

Profils de qualité
Recruit quality profiles for less

64% of recruiters know it to be true : the best applications come from referrals !

Gagnez du temps
Save time with referral recruitment and an easy-to-use tool

80% of time saved during the candidate sourcing stage ! And that's not all...

Data sources : Sourcing Executive Study, 2018 edition – Apec and Bill Boorman’s “The Social Referral” White Paper

More than a recruitment software, a complete service for our customers !

Our expertise in recruiting and our experience in community management around referral programs are put to the service of our customers. Our customer satisfaction managers advise and help each client throughout the partnership.

Communicate on your referral program and animate your community

Our white-label SaaS platform lets you customize the way you communicate to reflect your company's branding.

  • Animation tools at your disposal
  • Engage your employees to become ambassadors of your brand
  • Your employer brand in the spotlight
Referral recruiting Keycoopt System
Recruiters and members tool Keycoopt System

Easily stream your job offers in a targeted and automatic way

100% of your job offers sent to the right employees through our matching algorithm.

  • Simple grip for recruiters
  • Connecting to the main ATS and multi-broadcasters
  • Automatic steps to save more and more time
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And much more...

Mobilité interne

Development of internal mobility

Give your employees the opportunity to refer candidates, but also to apply for your job offers themselves. The best talents might already be in your company.

recommandations et candidatures

Management of referrals and applications

In your recruiter area you will find an useful dashboard and basic features to deal with candidate profiles you received.

feedback coopteurs-collaborateurs

Feedback for employee-referrers

With our workflow of automatic emails, your employees are always kept informed of the progress of their referrals.


Reward management

Thank your employees when a candidate they have referred is recruited. Rewards are indeed a factor that what will ensure the long-term success of your referral program.

Suivi KPI

Tracking KPIs

You are provided with dashboards displaying major indicators to help you manage your internal referral strategy in the right direction and take all the necessary actions.


Our support

One of our customer satisfaction managers will be by your side at every step of the project : roll-out, launch and long-term management of your referral program.

The concept in 2 minutes

An easier sourcing than you can imagine… thanks to your employees !

Let our customers speak for us !

Our customers are in the best position to talk about our digital referral recruitment solution and our collaboration. Here’s what they have to say.