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Keycoopt System,
the n°1 solution for Employee Referrals Program

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Recruit the best talent
at the right time

Employee referrals is the fastest and most efficient way to reach quality candidates that you would not have found via conventional recruiting channels.

Cut costs by means of qualitative sourcing

Your collaborators refer skilled profiles in line with your corporate culture. You will save time and money by avoiding the usual avalanche of CVs and numerous interviews.

Candidacy follow up
Access to cooptation tool

An easy set-up and
easy-to-use solution

Keycoopt System requires no special installation: as a web application it is compatible with all work environments and neatly rounds off the range of tools and procedures that you already use.

Human + Innovative: Recruitment 2.0

Your employees are your best advertisers. Keycoopt System provides them with the means of acting as referrers and offers you the tools to develop your employer brand name.

recrutement 2.0

"A simple and powerful solution inciting your collaborators to relay your recruitment offers across their network"

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“I strongly believe in employee referrals. I see it as a particularly efficient initial screening tool. People don’t refer unsuitable candidates to their own companies.”

Tony Lesaffre, CEO @ Europcar Atlantique

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