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Guide to Referral RecruitmentThis guide tells you all you need to know about referral recruitment: broad definitions (internal v. external referral, referral bonuses, referral programs, etc), key figures to remember, as well as the pros and cons of adopting this recruitment strategy.(Available only in french)Download the white paperDownload the white paperHow to fail (or not!) at setting up a referral program in your company ?In this white paper, we share with you the seven most common errors people make when setting up a referral program, and much more, too! Learn about the best practices used by our customers, pick up invaluable tips, and go through the practical worksheet provided to help you set up an effective referral program!(Available only in french)Checklist n ° 1 : The steps before launching its referral programBefore you launch your referral program, you’ll need to ask yourself the right questions and be prepared to not skip certain steps.
For example, have you established a set of rules for your program? And what about rewards?
Refer to this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything before program launch day!(Available only in french)Download the checklist

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