Our Keycoopt System solution has won over more than 60 customers in a diverse range of industries.
Watch these video testimonials and see why these companies chose to implement our digital platform and how this changed their recruitment strategy. Some customers also reveal what their initial results were and what they thought of the support they received.


Thanks to its 2,300 employees and its referral recruitment program, Consort regularly recruits new talent. By adopting our digital referral recruiting solution Keycoopt System, the company has facilitated its processes and exchanges with its employees, making referral recruitment more efficient! Paulina Zelazna, Development and HR Communication Manager at Consort, explains everything! When is your turn ?

Groupe BPCE

Alain Fournier (Diversity and Recruitment Director) explains how the group now recruits candidates who are “much more committed, more motivated and most of all, more informed” as a result of having been referred by employees. He also says what he thinks of Keycoopt: “Keycoopt is a team of recruitment experts who provide you with a powerful referral recruitment platform that meets the needs of recruiters and employees alike”.

Tape à L'oeil

Tape à l'Oeil was looking to upgrade its referral recruitment system to a more professional solution and opted to do this with Keycoopt System. Tiphaine Duhamel (Human Resources Development Manager) shares her objectives and feedback on the support this solution provided, which she describes as “close”, both upstream and during launching.