Sourcing tool

Sourcing is one of the first stages of searching for candidates. It consists in looking for and identifying profiles that match the selection criteria of a given role. To do this, recruiters need to choose an effective sourcing tool to work with.

With the democratization of the internet and the take-off of social networks (particularly professional ones), it has never been so easy to reach out to so many candidates.

Yet, whether it be via job boards or social networks, this stage can soon become extremely time-consuming, not only when searching and identifying profiles, but also when doing an initial “screening” of piles of CVs. And time is money for any company with a position that needs filling.

Outil de sourcing

Our Keycoopt System gives you a powerful sourcing tool at your fingertips. In fact, when you think about it, it would only seem natural to go through your employees first before looking externally! Your employees are your best sourcers, as they know the company, the roles involved and your values. They won’t refer people who they don’t think are a good fit for the job offer. This is currently an under-used means of sourcing, and yet offers real potential. Through your employees’ referrals, you will be able to identify quality profiles (and usually not by actively searching for them) more quickly while cutting down on recruitment costs, too.

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