Employer brand

An employer brand strategy encompasses all activities that influence the company’s reputation, image and the values it conveys, both to an internal audience (employees) and an external audience (potential future employees).

This strategy is driven by a deep-rooted aspiration that in order to win their loyalty, employees must be happy at work. But the main objective is often to make the company more attractive as a potential employer, and you can’t have one without the other!

Having a strong employer brand offers several advantages:

Internally: a strong employer brand helps to motivate and get employees involved, and ensure they stay with the company. Attention should be paid to every stage of an employee’s experience, from their first contact with the company as an applicant to integration into the organization (onboarding) to even their departure (offboarding)!

Externally: it helps to attract more job candidates, who will already have been drawn in by the company’s image and shared values. This is how we up your chances of finding the diamond in the rough!

Since the emergence of generations Y and Z, and the development of new technologies, growing a company’s employer brand has never been more crucial. Companies need to be visible, maintain a presence on social media and convey a positive image. This principle led to the creation of employee advocacy. This is a program that encourages employees to participate in external communication efforts.

Marque employeur

With the Keycoopt System recruitment solution, you can customize your platform and your communication style to reflect the image of your company. This is a type of white-label software that allows you to apply your own branding and use your own platform name. This will help you maintain consistency with your employer brand strategy. By involving your employees who become your external ambassadors, via social media, for example, you will increase your employer brand reach.

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