Digitizing the referral program

Digitizing a referral program is a component of the digital transformation of recruitment processes, more specifically referral recruitment processes. This transformation shifts the referral program away from more traditional methods towards the use of new digital tools. This all comes under a digital HR approach.

There are numerous challenges facing the HR industry today, and the time spent on recruitment is paramount. When a position becomes vacant, the HR team’s goal is usually to recruit the right candidate as quickly as possible. Referral recruitment responds to this goal, as it offers a sourcing solution that is both qualitative and time-efficient. Digitizing referral recruitment can increase these advantages ten-fold. This facilitates the referral process for employees and will save recruiters a significant amount of time.

Keycoopt System, a digital solution specially designed for referrals, makes it easier and faster to publicize and circulate job offers, essentially by targeting employees. They can easily refer someone for a job, or even apply themselves! The employee, candidate and recruiter experience is curated down to the very last detail on the digital platform.

Referral program digitization

Recruitment can also be “decentralized” by means of this collaborative tool. In fact, the HR department will no longer be the only player in the recruitment process, as managers will also be involved in the strategy.

By digitizing a referral program, you are in turn optimizing the recruitment strategy and making the recruitment process twice as efficient as traditional recruitment methods!

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