Ambassadors program

The ambassadors program (or employee advocacy) is based on the idea that your employees are in the best position to spread the word about your company, be it by promoting the brand to potential customers or enticing future talents to join your ranks. In the latter case, employee advocacy will form part of an employer brand strategy.

The company will therefore encourage employees to take part in communication efforts. This will usually be by sharing interesting content about their company on social media.

Programme ambassadeurs

In an environment where competition is cut-throat, standing out from the crowd is essential to being able to recruit. But the size of a company or its reputation are no longer enough. Now candidates find out as much as they can about the company, the environment and its values, even before submitting their application!

The image and reputation that a company exudes is therefore key, and must also be worked on internally. Naturally, there does need to be consistency between what is conveyed on the outside and what actually goes on on the inside!

This is why well-rounded and committed staff members should be spotlighted, as they will communicate positively about the company (and in a natural, spontaneous manner), growing its reputation. This first begins by fostering a positive working environment on the inside by showing your employees trust and appreciation.

Keycoopt System

Referring someone for a vacancy is significant and engaging for your employees. With our collaborative Keycoopt System recruitment platform, your employees will become your best ambassadors. They can refer someone from their network, and apply to or share your job offers on their networks. This gets your employees involved in the recruitment process and will benefit your employer brand. Keycoopt System provides recruiters with a tool box to inspire and guide their community of employees – i.e. ambassadors – to ensure their referral program is a long-term success.

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