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Our key benefits

Fast and effective

It takes an average of 60 days to recruit someone. With employee referral, you get the best candidates within 24 hours and you can complete the recruitment process in an average of 20 days.


By internalizing your recruitment with employee referral, you’ll avoid recruiting firms fees and other expenses. In addition, fast recruiting will improve the productivity of your business!

Simple to use

Keycoopt System has been designed for easy use for your referrers as well as for your recruiters.


You can customize Keycoopt System in many ways. For instance, you can use your own logo, the name of your business, as well as the colors of your choice and even your emails template.


Access to the system is highly secured and all data is saved on the Cloud, by redundant systems.

Reactive support

By phone, chat, or email, our support team is at your service and is always ready to answer you in a flash!

Discover all that Keycoopt System can bring to your recruitment.

All plans include advanced customization, enhanced data security and passionate support.

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Our answers to your questions

Is it possible to customize Keycoopt System for it to fit my brand image?

There are many ways for you to customize Keycoopt System. You can, for instance, use your own logo, the name of your organization, as well as the colors of your choice. You can even choose a template for your emails! To use your own domain name, contact us.

What can I do with the APIs?

An API (Application Programming Interface) means that you have the possibility of making different applications communicate between themselves. We use APIs to send and receive data.

Which browsers does Keycoopt System support?

Keycoopt System is optimized for the latest versions of the main browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 or higher).

Can I install Keycoopt System on my own server?

No. Keycoopt System is a SaaS solution, functioning on the Cloud. We maintain our servers, their security and their updates so you don’t have to.