Keycoopt associate director interview

November 24th of 2015 – Focus RH

The Keycoopt platflorm is alrealy counting more than 25.000 referrals in any line of business or job. It’s founders objective: to become the new trip-advisor of recruitment. While being faster than a regular recruitment, recruitment by referral “reduces, costs, improves candidacies quality and commitment to the company.

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3rd Keycoopt System fundraising

June 23rd of 2015 – IT Espresso

After a 3rd successful fundraising, Keycoopt now bet on its in-house mobility solution Keycoopt System. Already established in the Netherlands and in switzerland, Keycoopt wish to extend its presence to the US, China and Russia.

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Another successful fundraising

April 16th of 2015 – Maddyness

A 3rd successful fundraising allow Keycoopt to launch Keycoopt System, a SaaS solution enabling to develop internal recommendation and to animate employees and partners.


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Keycoopt System put recommendation at the core of the recruiting process

April 7th of 2015 – Focus RH

This solution’s advantage is to reduce the overall cost (direct and indirect) of the recruiting process thanks to the qualitative and motivating effect of referral on one hand, and to the talents retention on the other hand. These effects are due to the shorter recruitment time and to the lesser risks of bad recruiting or unexpected leaving.

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